Whole 30 Part 2 and Easter!


Last week could have been a really challenging one.  Tuesday through Friday we went on a mini Spring Break camping trip/work trip, and then Saturday we went to a friend’s house for dinner.  What’s my secret to being successful even through challenges?  Preparation!

I try to spend some time every week prepping a little bit.  Some weeks I go a little overboard and make full meals, but other weeks it’s as simple as roasting a big pan of veggies to go with breakfasts and/or dinners.  It doesn’t take that long to roast a big pan of veggies and it gives you a great variety.  Once you have this it’s so easy to just toss some veggies together with leftover protein and eggs.  Another thing I have found essential to keep on hand are Aidell’s Chicken and Apple sausages.  I pick them up at Costco and then even if I don’t have any leftovers I have an easy and tasty protein source.  I just slice them up and fry them and a meal is ready in 5 minutes.


My best advice for going to someone else’s house to eat is to let them know what you’re doing and ask what you can bring.  I made sure to say “please don’t make special food for us, I just need to know what we’re having so I know what to bring.”  However, we have really awesome friends who also have some food restrictions so we were able to eat a super tasty meal and I just brought some potatoes and fruit salad.

We are 23 days in today, 7 more to go!  Here are a couple pictures of things we ate this week:

20170409_092949 Sunday Brunch

20170411_190028Quick 1-pan dinner last night – Make enough protein to have leftovers!

Next up is Easter – My plan is turkey, Paleo stuffing, mashed potatoes, veggies, and fruit.  And of course some Deviled Eggs.  Easy and tasty!  If I weren’t on the Whole30 right now I would be making a “french toast casserole” with our Ginger Molasses Cookies for brunch or maybe our Lemon Zing Cookies topped with berries and coconut whipped cream for dessert, yum!