Paleo Challenge #2 – Chips!

I really, really like chips.  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in my love of chips!  I have a particular weakness for tortilla chips.  During football games I’ve been using a lot of veggie sticks to scoop up my dips with, and for the most part that’s fine.  Carrot sticks and guacamole is delicious, and celery makes a fine substitute for other dips.  But, I still miss chips and salsa. Carrots and celery just didn’t do the trick for that.  So… time to Google!

Google brought me to a really easy recipe for “Tortilla Chips.”  The ingredient list is minimal and the process easy with minimal mess and minimal effort.  These were delicious!  Crunchy and salty and sturdy enough to hold up to a nice chunky salsa.  I love it when I find a winning recipe on the first try.  I actually used almond meal instead of almond flour.  It’s a little less expensive and I thought the flecks of brown from the almond skins actually made them look a little more like a real tortilla chip.


Will I make them all the time?  No.  I know I’m not going to make as much progress as I want to if I just replace my food wishes with “Paleofied” versions all the time.  For the most part I’m going to stick to veggie sticks, but this was a stellar find for those times when I just really need a good chip!

Here’s the link to the recipe:

So, Paleo Challenge number 2 – Chips.  Accepted and Completed!