Paleo Challenge… Challenge #1 – Football!!

Whew!  I forgot how nerve wracking watching our Seahawks can be!

The biggest challenge for me staying on track with football games is chips.  I love salty crunchy things and dips!  I should have taken some photos, but I was too busy cheering/stressing out.  Here’s what I did to stay on track this week:

Instead of chips with my guacamole, I scooped it up with carrot sticks.  This was surprisingly good, and I’ll definitely be doing this regularly!

I made this Cassava Flour Flat Bread.  This is delicious!!  I didn’t turn it into pitas.  Instead I baked the whole thing in one big piece and sliced it up and dipped it in some primal artichoke jalapeno dip.

We also had baked buffalo chicken wings with homemade blue cheese dip, celery sticks, and some grapes.

As far as drinks go, Angry Orchard Hard Ciders to the rescue!  I already enjoy these, so this wasn’t a big switch for me.

The ciders were enough sweet for me, but of course if you need something for dessert you could always dig into a package of our Jack’s Paleo Kitchen Cookies – Ginger Molasses is perfect for fall!!


All in all it was a pretty fabulous spread and a good game, and I didn’t feel deprived at all.  Challenge #1- Accepted and completed!!