Paleo Challenge #3 – Emotional Eating

I have never considered myself to be very much of an emotional eater.  However, I have found that this challenge is causing me to notice things that I didn’t pay that much attention to before.  When I was eating things like pizza and ice cream I didn’t necessarily correlate those things with an emotion.  I just wanted pizza and I didn’t really evaluate why.  It just sounded good and meant I didn’t have to do anything beyond pick something up.  During this challenge I’m choosing not to just go grab a gluten free pizza or a carton of ice cream, so I have been forced to pay attention to why exactly I’m craving those things.  Guess what happens when I’m frustrated or disappointed or tired?  I want to dive into a pizza or a tub of ice cream.  It’s rainy and gross out right now so ice cream isn’t quite as appealing, but I definitely wanted pizza on Friday.

I’m trying really hard to follow this challenge all the way through, so I knew I needed to find a good pizza recipe.  I’ve tried other recipes before like cauliflower crust, and nobody in my family was impressed.  At all.  When I made those yummy tortilla chips a couple of weeks ago, the recipe said that the dough could also be used for pizza crust.  So, I took the tortilla chip recipe and added some Italian seasoning and garlic powder to it, and instead of cutting the rounds into chips I left them whole.  I baked them for about 15 minutes and then put my toppings back on and baked them for a few more minutes.  They were delicious!  Everyone ate with zero complaints and no comments about how they’d rather have Papa Murphy’s, so that’s a win as far as I’m concerned.  It definitely takes a little more time than going to pick up a pizza, but they are easy and pretty quick to make.

I topped mine with cheese because we eat dairy in our house, but if you don’t eat dairy the recipe suggests adding nutritional yeast to the batter for a cheesy flavor.  Here’s the link, it’s definitely a must try for a pizza craving!

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