Paleo Challenge – Thanksgiving Edition


Thanksgiving is almost here!

Personally I consider Halloween to be the start of the holiday season and also the start of the struggle to stay on track.  I successfully navigated Halloween without eating any candy based on the idea that literally ALL of the Halloween candy I enjoy can be bought any time of the year at my local store.

The rest of the holidays get a little trickier.  Christmas baked goods?  That isn’t something I can just buy at a grocery store, and I certainly can’t buy the memories and nostalgia that go along with Christmas baking.  I’ll let you all know how I cope with that when I figure it out!

I don’t think Thanksgiving will be that hard for me.  The hardest part will be avoiding the pie!  I can eat turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and the veggies.  I’ll have to avoid the corn bread stuffing this year, but I think I’ll survive.  I’m going to try a Paleo version of stuffing and some pumpkin bars so I don’t feel weird not partaking in dessert.

There are a million Paleo Thanksgiving recipes out there, but here’s what I’m going to try.

Paleo Stuffing from PaleOMG

Pumpkin Crème Bars from My Whole Food Life – I’m really excited about these because I’m going to swap out the bottom layer with our Jack’s Paleo Kitchen Ginger Molasses Cookies.  Yum!!  ginger-molasses-photo-400-pixels

I’ll try and remember to take some pictures and post an update on how things turned out.

I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving full of people you love, good food, relaxation, and football!