Paleo Challenge – Christmas!


It’s almost here!!  At our house we are all ready for Christmas.  It’s even snowing! The girls declared it a Christmas Miracle since it doesn’t snow much in our area 🙂

With Christmas comes more food choices to make.  It would be easy to just say I’m taking a couple of days off (and I certainly wouldn’t blame you if you do!), but I’m still aiming to stay on track.  Christmas dinner for us is turkey, so it will be a lot like Thanksgiving again.  Christmas Eve also happens to be Seahawks game day, so we will do appetizers and snacks during the game and fondue for dinner.  For appetizers I’ll eat veggies, cheese, nuts, fruit, and chicken wings.  Fondue will also be pretty easy since that’s just meat and dipping sauces.  I’ll have to skip the chocolate fondue, but I think I’ll survive.

Here’s what I’m bringing to Christmas dinner to keep me on track:

This stuffing from PaleOMG – Seriously, this is amazing.  I made it at Thanksgiving and am making it again, and I won’t miss the cornbread stuffing at all.

I’m also going to try these Paleo Pecan Pie Bars.  If they don’t turn out I’ll be eating some of our Ginger Molasses Cookies 🙂

I know a lot of people are short on time during the Holidays and don’t have time to bake, so pick up some of our cookies to bring to your next Holiday party!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Jack’s Paleo Kitchen – We hope you have a fabulous season shared with people you love and good food!