Paleo Challenge – Valentine’s Day Recap and a Birthday

I know I’m a little past due, but I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day!  It also happens to be my birthday, so it was a double challenge but also meant I took care of two potentially challenging events in one day.

Aside from the chocolate problem, which is easily fixed by our Jack’s Paleo Kitchen Chocolate Chip Cookies, Valentine’s Day is pretty easy as long as you choose somewhere you can get a good steak or fish served alongside some veggies and potatoes and don’t let the server put a bread basket on your table!

When your birthday is on Valentine’s day you want to spend it with your family, so a romantic restaurant dinner isn’t really in the cards and restaurants tend to be crazy over crowded anyway, so we opted to get some good food from the grocery store and cook at home to celebrate with our kids and my parents.

My wonderful husband took care of everything and made marinated flank steak, sweet potatoes, and Caesar salad with shrimp with some wine to wash it all down.  Yum!

Dessert was chocolate fondue with chocolate chips from Equal Exchange (our chocolate chip provider) with fruit for dipping.  It was tasty and easy and quick to clean up!  Definitely something I would do again when I’m looking for a special desert.20170222_154521

All in all it was a great dinner and another challenge down.  We just got back from a family ski vacation so the next post will be all about vacationing without ruining 6 months of hard work in 1 week.