Paleo Challenge – Superbowl

Well I can’t say we are happy in our house about the outcome of the game, but at least it was exciting.

Superbowl tends to be one of the biggest food days of the year and one of the hardest days to avoid junk.

Originally I didn’t have much of a plan because we were going to our friend’s house. I knew there would be chips, etc., but the plan for the main meal was to have a baked potato bar with regular and sweet potatoes. They are also very interested in healthy eating, so I wasn’t too worried about not having anything I could eat. It’s nice to have friends with similar food goals 🙂

But – Then it snowed. And snowed. And snowed some more. So our plans changed and we decided to stay home where I had no plan whatsoever.

On the plus side this meant no chips or other tasty junk food around to be tempted by, but now I had to figure out what to have that still felt like Superbowl worthy food.

We settled on these chips, which I have talked about before but really, you have to try them.  They are so good and really easy.  I even did the first step a few days ago and had them sitting in the fridge until I was ready to turn them into chips.  We served them with some zucchini salsa that I canned this summer.  Yum!


We also had chicken wings and cut veggies.  We pulled out a package of our Jack’s Paleo Kitchen Cookies to satisfy our sweet tooth.

7.0 oz picture

Not a huge spread but chicken wings, chips, and something sweet fit the main football food requirements and everyone was happy…. at least until the 4th quarter 🙂


Next up – Valentine’s Day, which also happens to be my birthday so a double challenge!