Who is Jack?

Jack Francis is actually not a person, but an acronym for all the members of our family:

Josh – Husband, Dad, Owner/Sales

Avery – Daughter, Sister, Fourth Grader (next to Karissa)

Cadence – Daughter, Sister, Seventh Grader (next to Josh)

Karissa – Wife, Mom, Owner/General Manager

We are all avid Seahawks Fans, Go HAWKS!!  We also really love to spend time together camping and watching our kids play soccer.

Our story started with Josh being diagnosed with gluten intolerance and then with Cadence and Avery showing various symptoms that improved with the elimination of gluten.  Then a couple of years ago Josh and Karissa found the Paleo lifestyle and were amazed by how good we felt with eating that way, but we were disappointed by how much like cardboard any store bought Paleo treat tasted.  In an ideal world of course we would make all our own food, but who lives there?!  With a busy family schedule there isn’t usually time to bake in our house.  Then Avery switched to a preschool that didn’t allow nuts, and Karissa noticed that most of the Paleo cookie recipes online had comments that asked “How could I make this without nuts?” and “How could I make this without eggs?”  After awhile the idea for Jack’s Paleo Kitchen cookies was hatched, and after a lot (and I mean A LOT) of batches of cookies, we developed our recipe.  We might be biased, but we think they are pretty great.  We hope you think so too!